Benefits of using Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems

There is a wide range of potential benefits offered by systems which recover heat. In the case of heat recovery and ventilation systems, the potential benefits include:

  • energy saving
  • reduced humidity and condensation within buildings, which benefits both the building itself (in the form of lower levels of damp) and its inhabitants, especially those suffering from asthma
  • improve air quality
  • lower levels of pollen and other airborne allergens within buildings (if a pollen filter is fitted)
  • reduced carbon dioxide emissions
  • reduced energy bills due to increased heat efficiency and reduced boiler demand

Heat recovery systems fitted to large boilers - the flue economiser variety - may offer the following benefits:

  • reduced energy bills
  • increased boiler lifespan due to less thermal shock (the water entering the boiler is at a higher temperature)
  • increased boiler efficiency
  • reduced carbon dioxide emissions