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Title: New Biomass boiler or stick with existing woodburner
Post by: LurcherLady on August 26, 2018, 11:34:23 PM
Just considering options at the moment and looking to the future.  Some background:

I live in a small Scottish village and own a 1-bed bungalow.  Currently live alone and rely on a 4.5kW multi-fuel burner to heat the whole property.  I scavenge wood under a 3 month SFC permit that costs 60.  The amount of wood collected easily does me for 2 seasons, depending on how long & cold the Winter is.  This is supplemented with about 100 of coal.

However, I already suffer considerably with my joints at 50 and collecting wood will not be an option much longer.  My question, should I stay with the woodburner and opt to buy in processed wood (on average 80-120 per builder's bag or consider having a biomass boiler installed?. I do have a fair amount of burnable waste, i.e. food, cardboard, paper and also my garden is large with a small wood so there's a lot of clippings (including willow) that needs recycling.