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Biomass Pellet Burner for Sale

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Biomass Pellet Burner for Sale
« on: January 22, 2020, 09:17:03 AM »
This series of wood pellet burner can be widely applied to stove, heat exchanger, aluminum melting furnace, aluminum rod heating furnace and other heat exchanger equipments, the burner is easy and safe to operate, convienet to clean and maintain, the compact structure making it space saving and pure wood biomass pellet burner is energy saving. It is high effective and low failure rate, sovling the possible problems of similar products such as hopper smoking caused by flareback, material stuckin the hopper, flame outlet easy to be burnt and so on.
The wood pellet burner is an ideal heating device for plants.

Working priciples of SIMEC wood pellet burner:
Through the pyrolysis and gasification of the wood pellets in the combustion chamber, the produced combustible gas eject out from the flame outlet and burns sufficiently promoting by the secondary air. 
Highly efficient semi-gasification combustion;
Combustion flame temperature is high, can be used to replace diesel burner and gas burner;
The combustion flame contains a bit of ash, so that please reserve the ash cleaning door on the supporting equipment (heat transfer, aluminum melting furnace etc.)
Flue gas emissions without sulfides.
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