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Title: Using excess solar to heat your house
Post by: Aussie_Pete on February 26, 2022, 11:10:49 PM
Hello all from a solar & battery newbie,

I'm currently getting a 5.2kwp solar PV system and linked 7.2kwh battery on my house in Scotland. I've been researching for about 6 months and the system is due to be installed this month.

I've been looking at what technologies are out there to exploit excess solar once the batteries are charged. I'm aware of heating water using an Eddi or I-boost, charging an EV using a zappi, but was wondering if anyone had considered installing an electric flow boiler (like the Trianco Aztec) on their existing central heating system, driven by excess solar to reduce cost of central heating? It seems to be a relatively new technology, but when integrated with solar to add heat to the central heating system it could significantly reduce gas or oil use for central heating.

For clarity, I’d be considering installing in addition to the existing oil or gas boiler, so that when there’s excess solar this would heat central heating and when there’s not solar the gas or oil boiler would run heating