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Title: Collab with our 1.5GW pipeline business
Post by: KCquantumRES on June 24, 2016, 12:55:03 PM
Hi guys,

I am a new trader at Quantum RES Global and I’m looking to build on my client list, after a brief search around the forum I can see there are potentials to do business together. We are the world’s leading provider of clean tech procurement across all sectors.  Our technologies include Solar PV panels, Racking systems, LED lightings, Biomass Boilers, Wind turbines and so forth. We also purchase excess stocks, collaborate with suppliers and finance potential projects by providing you the necessary funding.

If you are a manufacturer of any clean tech products or you are interested in purchasing clean tech. In order for me to help you achieve the best price possible than any other offers on the market. I would need to learn more about your pipeline (future orders/ projects) and pricing point of the product. Our company has a large portfolio of contacts including approved partnership from Jinko, which allows us to be flexible with our pricing. To give you an idea into the scope of our business, we recently completed a 175MW deal and moving towards a 540MW deal. In total, we have a pipeline of 1.5GW of projects so we are VERY experienced. We are serious in what we do.

We are very interested in working with you, so if you could provide me with a direct contact detail. We can discuss on building a strong relationship that is mutually beneficial. Please get in contact with me!

Regional Trading Manager
Quantum RES Global

Mob: +44 7541569597 (UK)