Is It Possible To Send Messages Through Electricity Cables To Any Device?

Is It Possible To Send Messages Through Electricity Cables To Any Device?

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Author Topic: Is It Possible To Send Messages Through Electricity Cables To Any Device?  (Read 2278 times)

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According to an article published on The Guardian - this is the first time in history of UK that the new data system, created using telecoms technology and now successfully tested on the UK's National Grid, could allow the optimum use of intermittent renewable energy, an important feature given the fast-rising proportion of green energy on the grid.

Unlike the smart meters being rolled out by the UK government, the new system is anonymous, with no data on household energy use being collected and therefore avoiding concerns about privacy.

Is this the new mechanism to cut down the costs? "The old mindset would be, we need to build more power stations," said Jens  Madrian (CFO, CCO - RT).

The system uses new technology to send messages through national electricity cables to any appliances with a smart plug connected to the mains, asking it to adjust its energy use. In the home, this could mean allowing the temperature of a freezer to increase by 0.5 C to cut demand or turning up a water heater at 1 am to utilise spare renewable energy.

Jens Madrian informed that " There are other ways of managing electricity, one of which is carrying knowledge from the telecommunications and software engineering side into the energy sector." Incase, you want to checkout the published complete article.

Is this technology already proven, I mean is this already running in any part of the world. Would really appreciate if some one can share info related to this technology & if its already running somewhere.
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