Wind generator for high speed wind areas ?

Author Topic: Wind generator for high speed wind areas ?  (Read 90 times)

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Wind generator for high speed wind areas ?
« on: March 18, 2017, 07:13:41 PM »
I do not claim to be any authority but have done an avionic apprenticeship, a lot rusty now though.
An idea came to mind ........
picture five spoke wheels stacked so that spokes make a curved shape
Rotor build.
spline shaft ,
fixed to first wheel, magnets atop wheel splines.
Following wheels have geared hub bearings,
(spline to spur{spur cams} to internal geared outer bear ring, travel on each consecutive wheel increased proportionally),
spline shaft then rotation inverted(bevel gears) to centrifugal clutch.
connecting hub bearings outer ring at null(simple lug) so when helix straightened (wheel to wheel) clutch drive transfers from last wheel toward front until thrust torque/speed balanced.
A sprung plate attached to lea side of first wheel spokes rubbing on following wheels in stack for helix return on wind speed/drive rotation drop? Spring within each hub harder to replace, flexibility important so as not to reverse generator, some rigidity could help act as a brake. (Trial and development needed).
(This should keep rotation speed consistent with varying wind speed).
Main shaft rotation bearing on each end for easier maintenance,
front bearing shielded from f.o.d. by helical cone similar to bevel gear (ensure this does not produce enough torque to overdrive, simply reduce torque loading at max assumed wind speed ie, 200mph+ tropical storm) aft bearings fore and aft of rotation inversion & clutch.
Outer of clutch hub connects to outer hub bearing of prior wheel.
Scale also relative to magnet size/field strength, stator hysteresis and bearing friction balanced against speed tolerance(clutch/battery charge speed) by spring tension.
To simply be able to sleeve stator over rotor makes maintenance nice and easy.
Not meant to be big but many due to wind shear structural load. Rooftop solution ?
Like I said I am just sharing an idea I hope it can be of some use in difficult locations.

Frictionless centrifugal clutch for turbine generator....
Opposing fan design for through flow interrupt speed control.
With helical blades that retract to shaft extend at speed.
Overlapping/reduced diameter during speed up so less feedback and wind blow around.
Larger diameter tube around clutch fan, return spring load for helix adjustment of generator rotor. Belt and braces.
For sudden gust protection.
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