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"free" / renewable energy creation
« on: August 30, 2020, 04:47:32 PM »
 Hi group

I am a newbie here and I hope this is the right place to ask these sorts of questions:
I have an interest in playing with “free” / renewable energy ideas, to date I have a few ideas to convert rotary motion into electricity and I would like to look into some options. I would like to start by understanding how the back end works and what I need.
My first thing to sort would be to find the right bit of kit that actually generates electricity from rotary motion.
I believe I can use basic motors but I also think using alternators would be better..
what sort of alternator or motor would I need to get to create a decent electrical supply to run something of size i.e a small house or a small car etc.. I am looking to buying an “off the shelf” item to play with
once I have the motor/invertor side sorted I then need to be able to collect and store the electricity and use it as well.
a) I believe I may need some electronics to control and smooth the produced electricity from the motor is this correct?

b) I then need to store the electricity created or store any excess electricity not being used
I am assuming I would use something like car batteries but what would the best batteries be to get to use? 

c) then I think I need to convert the electricity into its usable state , do I need something like an invertor?
if so what is the best invertor to get for my early experiments?
 I want to experiment with different outputs to power different things / ideas
a)  I will need a 110v or 240volt for use in home  or workshop

b) I will need to be able to generate the correct voltage to supply an electric vehicle with power, will this be 12v or 24volt or similar?

c) on lower volts do amps become an issue?

d) could I get industrial three phase as an output? #
what speed would I need to run the motor / alternator at to deliver a good supply?

I hope this is ok to ask and i look forward to any help / replies.


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