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Biofuel Industry Development Trend In China

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Biofuel Industry Development Trend In China
« on: March 10, 2020, 10:01:15 AM »
Renewable energy usage relates to national long-term security of renewable energy strategic. Large reserves of biomass forming fuel contain large space of development in the future. At the same time, the extensive utilization of biomass forming fuel is bound to lead the development of biomass forming fuel equipment.

The disadvantage of Energy utilization in China.

The energy consumption of China stays simplex, the consumption of coal occupies more than 60% of all, and China is the biggest coal production and consumption country all over the world. At the same time, the huge consumption of fossil energy speeds up atmospheric pollution and emission of greenhouse gasses. Based on national experiences of improvement in energy structure and reduce of greenhouse gasses emission, developing renewable fuel and improving energy efficiency would be the two important measures.

The collectable and renewable biomass materials equals 715 million tons of standard coal in China. It amounts to 20% of total energy consumption. The low utilization ratio doesnít match with its important role of strategy seriously, thus biomass pellet mill and other equipment of biomass forming fuel will release the improving space of biofuel gradually.

The situation of Chinese biomass forming fuel processing industry.

In recent years, the technology, equipment, standard and service system of Chinese biomass forming fuel has been improved extremely, the production and application of biofuel have been formed into certain scale and become complete industry chains. In 2008, the annual production of biofuel is only 323 thousand tons and this number reaches to 935 thousand tons in 2009, with the increasing speed of 189%. In 2010, this number increases to 1.275 million tons, with 36.3% increasing speed. in 2011 itís 3.214 million tons, with 152% increasing speed; 4.3 million tons with 33.9% increasing speed in 2012; 5.3 million tons with 23.2% increasing speed in 2013. Till the end of 2014, there is more than 100 companies and 680 factories of biofuel in China. The total capacity of them are 6.3 million tons. Among that, biomass pellets is 3.5 million tons per year.   

Above data shows that there is an increasing tendency of biomass forming fuel production year by year.

Advantages of biomass pellets in application.

Biomass pellet is a kind of renewable and ECO-friendly solid fuel which is able to replace the coal and in many cases to replace natural gas and fuel oil. Its material sources are sporadic. Its production scale is smaller and cost is higher than coal. But compared with natural gas and fuel oil, there is much more advantages of biofuel, which decides the pellet users only concentrates in some regions and some social production and consumption departments, such as somewhere there is lack of coal or the price of coal is higher; some developed regions where there is industrial value-added products and services or the income level is higher of people; where there is strict policies of coal usage.

Accompany with the rising up of fossil energy price and development of biomass pellets technology, pellets will be changed from aiming at small scale boiler and stove into developing middle/big scale industrial boilers. The market also has a transfer from aiming at single user at village into industrial users in town and city. Combining the rural market which may form a virtuous development of biomass pellet industry in China.

Considering the Fog and Haze weather in China, China must decrease the consumption of Coal especially, and develop clean & green energy- Biofuel. Rich biomass resources in Southeast Asia could be the supply base for China. So we hope the policy in China will benefit the wood pellet producers.


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