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SIMEC Pellet Machines To Make ENplus Wood Pellets

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SIMEC Pellet Machines To Make ENplus Wood Pellets
« on: May 28, 2020, 11:18:51 AM »
South Korea, as a large wood pellets consuming country in Asia, imports estimate over 1, 900,000 tons yearly, among which the wood pellets from South East Asian countries occupies for over 60%. Correspondingly, 90% of wood pellets from South East Asian Area are exported to South Korea yearly. From the above data, we can easily see that the export wood pellets market of South East Asia is highly dependent on the import amount and policy of South Korea. The price decrease of the export wood pellets from SE Asia since the last season till this first season proves the dependence. Over storage of pellets by the brokers is one of the main reasons, the other one is that South Korea imported large amount low quality pellets at lower price from Vietnam, so that the price of the good quality wood pellets has been affected. So it is unnecessary to learn about the import standard of South Korea.
Currently, there are four grades of the wood pellets are allowed to be exported to South Korea. The higher quality wood pellets the manufacturer can supply, the higher price they can sold.
As we know, EU as one of the traditional wood pellet target market has their own import standard, and the import price stabilized above USD 180/ton, FOB price. The normal performed wood pellet import standards are the EN Plus and Din Plus. By comparison, they are higher than South Koreanís. The goal of ENplus certification system for wood pellets is to secure the supply of wood pellets for heating and CHP up to 1MW output power in residential, commercial and public buildings with a clearly defined and constant quality.
If the wood pellets manufacturers located in SE Asian can supply ENplus or DINplus wood pellet to Europe, they would sell the wood pellets at a good price and reduce the risk of supplying wood pellets to South Korea.
One of our clients in Indonesia are producing ENplus wood pellets, which are exported to the Europe at higher price than exporting to South Korea. With high calorific value and low emission, the owner export much more wood pellets to Europe currently. Here is the wood pellet testing report for reference.
The price of wood pellets can be affected by the market discipline. If the manufacturers can supply variant quality of wood pellets to different target markets, the risk of lower profit caused by unexpected reasons, can be reduced greatly.


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Re: SIMEC Pellet Machines To Make ENplus Wood Pellets
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2020, 09:50:11 PM »
Its really a great step forward towards renewable energy and I recently wrote an assignment on the same topic.Due changing climate and environment, these questions are rising like a burning topic.Good job done.Thanks.      


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