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How we could solve a problem of heating and energy?

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Author Topic: How we could solve a problem of heating and energy?  (Read 633 times)

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How we could solve a problem of heating and energy?
« on: October 08, 2021, 04:17:45 PM »

   Gas, oil and coal go up in price. No only in England, in whole Europe too. Today at 12 October 2012, the cost of gas at Eutopean energetic commodity exchange exceeds 1400 euro pro 1000 cubic meters. It means the crash for industry. How we could solve a problem of heating and energy supply?
   It is a real solution. I mean a so-called „dark energy“ or „vacuum energy“. The term „dark energy“ is a good-known idea in astronomy. There are three different hypotheses about nature of dark energy: 1) hypothesis of cosmological constant, 2) hypothesis of quintessentia, 3) hypothesis of modified gravitation. All astronomical observations and measurements give us arguments in favour of the first hypothesis of cosmological constant. This hypothesis means that density, pressure and energy of physical vacuum have no-zero magnitudes.
   It is necessary to tell physical vacuum from technical vacuum. The technical vacuum is a synonym of void: when we remove all molecules of air from container, we create technical vacuum within container. Physical vacuum is a synonym of special medium that fills whole Universe and participates in all processes. Physicists do not have a doubts on reality of physical vacuum. They debate about numerical values of energy and density. Astronomers believe that density of vacuum energy is very small, about 10(-9) Joles/cubic meter. Physicists calculate that density of vacuum energy is very huge, about 10(112) Joles/cubic meter.
   My calculations showed that vacuum energy density varies from 2.45x10(72) J/cub.meter to 1.2x10(112) J/cub.meter. Agreement with results of other physicists by upper limit is very good. As for opinion of astronomers about very small value of vacuum energy density, it is explained by the following reason. Physical vacuum has some material density as usual substance and interact with gravitational fields. It is accumulated in enviroment of cosmical objects under influence of its gravitational fields and forms so-called mega-fluctuation of vacuum. Astronomers perceive these vacuum mega-fluctuations as a „dark matter“. It is clear that energy of vacuum fluctuations is very smaller than energy of vacuum itself.
   Could we convert this vacuum energy in heat and electricity? Without problems! Physical vacuum participates in all processes practically, but it puts on a mask of kinetic energy always. In the reality, kinetic energy is a mistale of classical physics. When we hurl a stone, we deliver a work on doing deformation of structure of surrounding physical vacuum and transmit our muscular energy to vacuum. When the stone collides with obstacle, physical vacuum can return energy very more as it contains very huge energy itself. Maximal results that I has found is 10 000 times more.
   Our scientific group has build the first generator of vacuum energy with power 200 Watt already. Of course, such small power is insufficient one for heating of apartaments. But, we can boil a water for tee with the help of our generator already. Also, we could build other generators with power 100 and more kiloWatt (500 kW, 2000 kW, 10 000 kW,....). Principle of performance is hydraulic: water circulates around a closed path within package and rotates a hydraulic turbine. Water pump consumes about 0.1% of energy that is generated by hydraulic turbine. Strange? Nevertheless, it is real. The fact is that the vacuum energy acts differently than kinetic energy. That is why, we can build such plants which looks as perpetual mobile machine. Unfortunatelly, academicians do not believe our results and consider us an swindler. That is why, we cannot find investments and you freeze without heating.

Sorry for my English, I am Russian.


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