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Title: Is 100% renewable even possible?
Post by: Dragmit on October 05, 2016, 04:29:34 PM
The billion dollar question. The answer is yes, it can, but you are going to have to open up your thought processes. I am eccentric, agreed, however eccentricity is why a gasoline engine runs.
So button down your petty coats ladies, this is going to be one hell of a ride.
First of all, you have got to get rid of those damned hydro turbines! The true efficiency of those things is horrible! When you include all energy in the formula, including the mass of accelerated water the efficiency can not exceed 16%, and rarely exceeds 14%! This means that over 80% of the energy in elevated water is WASTED!! (I know, I meant to shout!) How do you stop this waste? Simple. Do not accelerate the mass. Ergo, dump those turbines!!
Now, a bit of background on me. I solved this problem over ten years ago. But I have been unable to communicate this info due to patent restrictions. Basically the patent costs to cover all the patentable processes I have researched would run close to $500,000.00, and frankly I ain't got it! (I used that word ain't just to PO my old English teacher! Give me detention will ya!) Now at 62, my greatest fear is that something so important to Mankind and Earth would be lost. I am a very religious fella, and it was not given to me for my own, but because God knew I would do the right thing. And the right thing is to make it available to anyone who wants it. So, it is here, you just have to do your homework to see it.
I will begin posting video on You Tube to help people understand the physics. I will also make myself available from time to time on Skype and I will also be posting videos online allowing call in questions. These videos will be available through the web site providing that service.
But here today, I will attempt to "explain  a spiral staircase without pictures". (analogy intended.)
If not a turbine, then what?
I call it the HYPEG. HYdro Pneumatic Energy Generation. If you take a column of water, then insert a conveyor into it with fold down buckets attached to the conveyor, then you blow compressed air into the bottom of the container and allow it to fill the buckets, you will get 62 pounds of force inserted into the conveyor belt for every cubic foot of air. Its called buoyancy kitties. If you are displacing 100 cubic feet of air, you will be inserting 62,000 pounds of force into this conveyor belt, which will then drive a generator. Simple.
Where does the compressed air come from? This is the amazing part of this. There are literally hundreds of different designs that can easily and cheaply collect and store compressed air for free! Wind turbines, elevated water like ocean waves or dams, small creeks, rivers without dams, Why Fundy Bay itself could power the entire North  American continent and the fish would not even know it. And even geothermal, if that is what floats your boat!
As Nicola Tesla said, there is so much energy out there it should be free! He is right about that that, but there is a profit to be made on it even if the source is free. Just so you rich guys don't get your shorts in a knot! :o
I invite anyone with an interest in this to contact me. You  can see a HYPEG work here, a good place to start ...
I love to talk about this stuff, and now that I have decided not to patent it, I can!!! Yippeeeee! ;D
Title: Re: Is 100% renewable even possible?
Post by: Ronald Bolivar Chua on August 10, 2018, 02:12:00 AM
I was thinking of the same process, with air compression and buoyancy. Seemingly just tank/turbine ascent doesn’t generate a steady enough energy output. Instead I would have allowed the compressed tank to create stored tension which later releases to power a turbine.

Pardon the childish like drawings
Stage one
( (

Stage two
( (

1)initial stage one generation of electricity pays the electrical cost of air compressors
2)Air is compressed into the track tank
3)As the tank ascends, it generates tension within the track
4)At the height of the track the tank docks and water floods the vessel
5)The release in upwards pressure releases the tension wound up from the track which travel to the base transferred into a tension cog
6)Tension cog rotation transferred to electric turbine
7)The tank now filled with water descends (sinking)
8)At the base of the track, air compressors again force air into the tank and the water out of the bottom to begin the cycle once again
​-If such is sufficient enough, segments can be added on to produce more electricity.
I guess the goal is for megawatts, or even gigawatts...
Buoy ascent with a turbine track will not be fast enough for sufficient electrical surplus, but tension transference would be optimal....
Title: Re: Is 100% renewable even possible?
Post by: Greengreentea on November 21, 2019, 11:25:11 AM
Thanks for the video and post! - Very Interesting!

I also watch the MrTeslonian guy on YouTube. He has some really interesting recent Hydropower ideas and inventions too.