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Green Roofs / Re: Green walls?
« Last post by henryjones147 on May 15, 2019, 10:59:05 AM »
Green roofs are really a renewable source if we talk deeply, then we come to know how its beneficial to use green roofs which is a renewable energy source.
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General / Re: Smart Meter with Solar Panels
« Last post by Psicorman on May 12, 2019, 11:49:13 AM »

I have the same issue, with a smart meter if you generate more it will not increase however will not go backwards like the old style ones would do, wish i had kept to the old dial meter as i would be saving a lot more
General / Re: Social Energy - Reviews
« Last post by Psicorman on May 12, 2019, 11:45:28 AM »
Well not really helpful for my question so not sure why to post it
Wind Turbines / Re: What do I need to consider when picking a Wind Turbine
« Last post by Den2 on May 12, 2019, 09:27:16 AM »
Wind turbine should be with variable pitch turbine.
Like this.
it is already designed and made; our shower timer is very accurate; we have to set :

-the shower time
-the rinse time
-and the waiting time

once it runs out of time, it shuts the shower off during the pre set waiting time, saving huge amounts of water and gas. Next shower will be available when the waiting time is over

you can see the video where we set it:

we hope you like the final design of out shower timer.
kind regards to the forum
General / Re: Social Energy - Reviews
« Last post by tocnaza on May 07, 2019, 04:27:12 PM »
Totally in agreement with sandertristan.
General Discussion / Anyone with EV and Solar?
« Last post by giuseppeatkaluza on May 07, 2019, 10:26:30 AM »
How likely you are to further reduce CO2 impact and saving money?

We are looking for people who have both solar panels and EV car to join our research at Kaluza. If you belong to this group or willing to do so, please fill in the form at the following link: Do you have solar panels and EV car?

Kaluza belongs to the OVO Group and specialises in technical integration among devices.

If you have concerns or reasons why you are not interested in one or neither, feel free to comment here below.

General / Re: Social Energy - Reviews
« Last post by sandertristan on April 30, 2019, 04:43:34 PM »
The  world needs renewable sources of energy to be used as much as possible so that we may stop destroying the world as we know it.
I'm trying to come up with how to pose a hypothetical question in this FORUM in a way to get meaningful answers... and am really struggling with how to go about this.   *Assume revenue in US dollars and a US installation at this point.

Any advice you have is GREATLY appreciated. Or can you point me in a direction to ask the question to another forum or group?

I am seeking to calculate REVENUE generated by a small commercial installation by combing a connected wind and solar array. 

I've searched many, many US government/state/federal/utility resources and cannot find a reasonable answer as most online resources are geared for residential calculations, not small commercial.

Assuming that with net meeting a utility PAYS $.10kWh for a small commercial installation.

Assume that this wind/solar array installation has TEN 100 watt solar panels (Max output 1kw) and TEN 100 watt wind turbines (Max output 1kw) connected together.  Therefore, a combined Max output of 2kw.

Yes, I can visualize dozens and dozens of variables in the hypothetical assumption - however, I am simply trying to USE broad BASED STATISTICAL AVERAGES for output per day/week/month for this illustration.

If this array was running at the MAX 2kw output 24/7/365 and the utility paid commercial producers $.10kwh DOES this mean that this array would only EARN or PRODUCE (Pay the producer) 2kwh x $.10 or $.20 cents in 1 hour?  <<<This is what I am struggling most with...this calculation or assumption.

And I fully understand the variable output of wind and solar in a day/week/month real world application.

Therefore $.20 (or $.10kwh x 2) x 24 hours (assume the max 24-hour output) or $4.80 per day????

This is where I really struggle with understanding the math and potential outputs in term of kWh (revenue/ROI) etc. that the utility pays when you (the electricity producer) connect to the grid.

The question is really for a small commercial application - and I see tons and tons of solar installations going in all over the country on business rooftops for example. Very little small commercial wind installations...  My unique design and application is a combined wind/solar array for commercial use.

My hypothetical is NOT for a business to install my arrays - it's a fed/state gov application and use. Therefore, it will not be installed on a business site. It would be installed on a federal/state site.

Thanks for taking the time and patience to understand and read my question. Greatly appreciated - any assistance is a huge help at this point.   

Rainwater Harvesting / Re: Where do you keep your water collector?
« Last post by Oatpanueat on April 25, 2019, 10:02:58 AM »
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