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Installed 100W TEN solar panel  power
1kw and wind turbine TEN 100w
wind turbine  power 1kw connected together Therefore,
the maximum kiss918 total output of 2kw
Possible outcomes in terms of kWh revenue / ROI,
etc. that expenditures pay when you
Electricity supplier connected to the table
Hypothesis - Anyway, I'm just trying to use
a broad base of statistics for results per day  week  month.
General Discussion / Horror Movies that are in time for Halloween
« Last post by patriciasperry on September 16, 2019, 12:10:40 PM »
As Halloween is celebrated each year on 31st of October, a public holiday is observed in USA and other several countries. Every year the scariest movies are released for the people to make their spooky nights. Following are the eight scariest movies that are to be released for this festival 2019. You can also get some famous female halloween costumes ideas through these movies.
We Have Always Lived In the Castle, In The Shadow of the Moon, Scream 2, In The Tall Grass, Fractured, Sinister 2, Eli, Rattlesnake.
All these movies are coming to Netflix this weekend straight through the end of the October.
Wind Turbines / Cheap 12v Turbine
« Last post by aharrold on September 15, 2019, 06:04:17 PM »
Hello, I'm in a rather windy location in Scotland, thankfully.
I have a 12v gate opener, and an electric fence that I run off of 2 x 12 volt batteries currently charged by solar panels. I'm trying to add a small 12v wind turbine to keep the batteries topped up. I opted fore a cheap'ish 5 blade turbine off of EBay (12v 500w 5 blade wind turbine).
I've setup the turbine but I don't feel its operating correctly. When the turbine gets up to a good speed it seems to turn itself out of the wind either 180deg or a slow 360deg back into the wind to start again. Watching the way its operating I'd describe it as a gyroscopic effect on the spin. The seller is blaming air turbulence. Is there any way to determine whats causing it?
Solar PV / Re: I want to install solar panels
« Last post by gedavox on September 15, 2019, 05:11:42 PM »
Thank you for the information. About the set-top box for TV, I now know everything. But what about solar panels, will someone tell me something?
Rainwater Harvesting / Re: How much rain do you manage to get?
« Last post by sainjohn12 on September 15, 2019, 04:20:13 PM »
Water retention depends on the amount of rain.
And the quantity that we need to use that much
How many gclub are most used.
But do not use different things
Such as water turbines, wind turbines,
It's not the same. And the estimated amount that I want to use
How many difficult it depends on
The amount of rainfall Sometimes it doesn't rain at all.
Some places are raining very abundantly.
Solar PV / Re: I want to install solar panels
« Last post by derefip on September 15, 2019, 05:31:58 AM »
Perhaps you should install stand-alone systems that are not connected to the main power supply network. Such systems operate in their own circuit for direct power supply of connected equipment. The maximum efficiency is achieved by the presence of a storage device (rechargeable batteries) in the kit, which allows the use of accumulated electric energy in the event of a decrease in the intensity of sunlight (i.e., reduced generated power) and in the event of excess of consumed power over the generated one. Or a set of solar panels for the home, used directly by load sources without battery cells. Now about the image. I donít think that you have any problems with the TV or set-top box. Their image is completely dependent on the console itself. For example, I use MAG322 is a very good and compact set-top box. You can find all technical data and specifications on I want to add from myself that this device works without any interference and the image is excellent. In addition, this prefix plays compressed HEVC files
General Discussion / Re: interested in forum link building service
« Last post by Bjanka on September 15, 2019, 12:07:45 AM »
Interested in your opinion. If you have a website, you probably somehow make it popular. Don't you? Here is me interested in such question. How can I make a site recognizable on the Internet and attract more people? On many forums smiled, that for this there is sense use link building. I read, looked, it turns out and not expensive and really good reviews. Here is truth not can choose forum link building service. Who knows a good company that does such a great job? What methods do you use to promote your sites on the Internet? What are your positions in the ranking of search engines?

The Crowd marketing is very popular now. A lot of people  constantly surf the Internet, read  news and of course go to different links. To promote your site, you need crowdfunding links. They are sold on various exchanges-sites. There ist a lot of information can be found in the Internet  about them.
General / Responsive web design services India
« Last post by sarikaverma900 on September 14, 2019, 12:19:53 PM »
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Solar PV / I want to install solar panels
« Last post by gedavox on September 14, 2019, 11:01:27 AM »
So far, I myself practically do not understand anything about this, but I hope to figure it out with your help. So I built a small house: one room 6 by 6, a small kitchen 3 by 4 and a bathroom with a toilet 3 by 3. I want to install solar panels there. From the technology will only TV, TV set-top box, refrigerator and washing machine. Which battery should I choose? And another question, will I have problems with TV and smart set-top box? Does this affect the image in any way?
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