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Title: My own PV set up... help!
Post by: hutch on July 12, 2017, 07:52:10 PM
Hi Everyone, if this thread is in the wrong place please feel free to relocate (first post)

I am running 5x 100W panels, an EPEver Tracer A 4210, a lot of car batteries (totaling about 550AH), an inverter (12v 1500W) and DPDT relays (which allow our lighting circuit to run from the inverter whenever it is on). I am located in the UK.

The Tracer A series allows me to run in either 12v or 24v mode. The main question I have here is which mode do you think I should run? To run 24v mode is no issue to my batteries as i can hook them up in series-parallel with no great issues, but will that then output 24v from the load socket of the charge controller? and will this actually make any great difference in terms of gain? I know the 24v mode can deal with more panels and that is something I intend to look into but other than that I am quite happy with the current set up if it is anywhere near as efficient as it can be.

Also I have been looking into dump loads and dump load controllers, as my setup is charging my battery bank relatively quickly, is there anyone here with any experience or recommendations?

Many Thanks in advance for your, no doubt, useful answers.

Title: Re: My own PV set up... help!
Post by: SDGREESUN on March 17, 2018, 08:27:35 AM
Since you have 12V inverter,  I suggest you to install a 12V system.     You can add anti-reversve diode in the system.