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Title: Solar and Feed-in Tarrif questions/assumptions
Post by: mjnel on March 11, 2018, 08:46:59 PM
Hi there,
I am new to Solar and would like to validate some of the things I have read about both Solar Panels and Feed in Tariff.
First the panel questions:
I am looking at buying just over 10kW of panels so for arguments sake, let's say I buy x31 Panasonic VBHN330SJ4 - so giving me a total output of: 10230w or 10.23 kW?
At normal advertised operating conditions (NOCT), each panel will provide me with a Max power of 253w, so over an hour of 1,000w/m2 or full sunlight, this will be 253 w/hour multiplied by 31 panels gives me 7,874 w/hours or 7.874 kW/hours? Given an average of 6 hours of full sunlight a day (is this a reasonable assumption for the UK?), gives me a daily total of 47.244 kW/hours of output, over a year (365 days) gives me 17,244.06 kW/hours of output? Do the above workings make sense? Also, I assume the solar panel efficiency percentage (19.7%) won't affect these above calculations?
Now on to feed in tariff questions/assumptions;
Based on the above, I my Total Installed Capacity is 10.23kW, so I would be able to classify for the feed in tariff of 4.15 p/kWh based off: and the flat fee of 5.03 p/kWh if I sold 100% of my output to the grid.
Given the above, for every kWh I generate I would able to generate 9.18 p/kWh? So my total payment over the year (17,244.06 kW/hours multiplied by 9.18 p/kWh) would be 1,583?
Apart from the obvious of not using any of the electricity I use, is there anything I have missed / gotten wrong? Are there any other factors I should consider, or do my workings make sense?

Title: Re: Solar and Feed-in Tarrif questions/assumptions
Post by: Stugadget on April 30, 2018, 09:15:31 PM
Hi Mark

If you install the solar panels yourself you will not be able to claim the FIT.

Your house or the building that the modules are connected to must be have a valid EPC Certificate showing at Level D or above of you wont be able to claim the FIT.

You will need pre approval from the local DNO to conect anything above 3.68 kWp

Very roughly a 10 kW system facing south will generate around 10,000 kWh's per year. in income this would be roughly 687 regardless of how much of the generated electricity you use.  You would make savings off your electricity bill depending how many of the 10,000 kWh's you used.

Hope this was of some use