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Summerhouse Bar
« on: February 21, 2020, 11:10:37 AM »
Hi Everyone,

I am new to the green energy game, and am about to start on my first project which is solar powering our summerhouse bar. We have just had the summerhouse delivered, and running electric from the house is going to be a nightmare, so I would like to off grid solar power it. I have done quite a bit of background reading and research but it seems the more I look into this the more I get confused. I also keep drifting between getting an off the shelf kit or buying component parts, then installing myself. Or on a bad and confused day, thinking I will just get an electrician in to do it all. I have done some very basic wiring, put in sockets, light fittings etc and basic diy.

The bar will be very light electrical wise, powering a 95w fridge, 30w of lights, and four sockets that will in reality only be used to charge mobile phones. Maybe at the occasional party/ sport event a tv. It would also be worth saying that it won’t be hugely used during winter months, and during these periods the fridge can be turned off and the door left open as it will be cold enough without requiring refrigeration.

I have selected a 150w solar panel, 30A solar controller, 300w inverter, and 110AH leisure battery. Does this seem reasonable?
I plan to build this in stages, first stage will be 12v lighting circuit from the battery, then when solar panel and converter go in this will be changed to run from the controller DC output. Last stage will be the inverter and sockets. Is there a need to put in an RCD consumer unit between the inverter and sockets? I can only find inverters with 3pin socket outlets, is it okay to run from a 3pin plug into consumer unit or switched fuse?

I guess really I am just looking for a bit of reassurance in the decisions I have made so far. I hope to be finished stage 1 by Easter, and be fully up and running by the summer. The electrics will be later on in the project. The summerhouse was delivered last weekend, so this weekend I put the nice floor down, before building the bar carcass, and fitting the, cladding, worktop and bartop, which will take a lot of time as there is much sanding and varnishing to be done.

Does my plan seem reasonable from the solar system point of view, or should I just get an electrician to do all this?
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