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Title: Advice please on servicing Baxi system
Post by: EddyEddy on March 24, 2020, 02:03:26 PM
It seems this forum is very quiet, but here goes anyway:

I need to fix a drip coming from the tank, and also check and change the anode, top up the anti-freeze and do the other recommended servicing jobs. The Baxi manual is not much help, they say use a professional. My installer doesn't seem interested in servicing, and I'd like to learn to do it myself (may have to buy a longer ladder though!)

So hoping someone can point me to some good guidance. Google searches have been fruitless so far.

It's a Baxi Thermosiphonic System STS with the tank on the roof above the collector.

Works very well, only in the darkest, overcast days of winter is my shower not quite warm enough, but still bearable. But then I am in southern Spain. In summer the water spits and splutters out it is so hot.