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Title: Do you know this new type crane can make wind turbine maintenance be more easy?
Post by: felicia on December 07, 2016, 06:07:43 AM
As we all know, the traditional crane for wind turbine installation and maintenance is large and is difficult to transport to the site. We developed a new type crane for wind turbine maintenance, which is more convenient and cost-efficient for wind turbine maintenance.
This special crane adopts self-climbing type hydraulic hoisting system to replace the past expensive wind turbine maintenance, device--large-scale crawler crane. Its self-climbing hydraulic platform is connected to the tower cantilever harmlessly by multi-touch, which, matched with safety monitoring protecting system, could realize the interlock between the hydraulic and mechanical mechanism. The design of the crane has reached the domestic advanced level successfully. Main features: automatic climbing, electric hydraulic drive, flexible operation, quick maintenance, and reliable performance...