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Title: Ecoworthy Wind and Solar Issues
Post by: Kelunited on March 27, 2021, 10:10:44 AM
Ive got a DIY Ecoworthy 12V 400W Chinese turbine and 200W solars changing a 105ah leisure battery to light a small marquee.
(make sure you don't connect the turbine and the solars before powering up the regulator from the battery)
As expected the solars work well to charge  the battery but the turbine won't spin even in a good breeze (NW UK) Ive tried letting the battery run down a bit to see if the regulator will release it but doesn't work even then. It will spin if I disconnect it from the regulator.
My concern is the regulator for the turbine control is faulty, its not of great quality in any case.
And also how do I check the turbine output from its 3 wires, when I connect the multimeter set to volts it gives all sorts of random figures when the turbine is spinning, does it matter which way you connect the 3 wires to the multimeter??
Title: Re: Ecoworthy Wind and Solar Issues
Post by: Kelunited on May 02, 2021, 11:08:46 PM
Apologies to Ecoworthy the little regulator works fine, I only fitted one on off switch to one of the 3 green wires from the turbine so the regulator was still able to brake the turbine as the battery is fully charged all the time, when I switched off 2 wires from the turbine it spun like mad in the breeze! When I light up the marquee and deplete the stored energy the turbine should be allowed to contribute.