Huaya wind turbine

Huaya wind turbine

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Huaya wind turbine
« on: July 02, 2019, 10:58:38 AM »
Hello everyone,

I am glad to be able to contribute to this forum in some ways.

Last December I purchased a Huaya wind turbine from China (Aron Wang sales representative) - the 3.2m diameter for the blades rotor, 1.5kw nominal power, 2.3kw max power, 28vdc model, with a Sunway pwm charge controller with a 3kw dump load.

The wind turbine has been working since March 25th this year in the South East of Romania.

I built myself a 13m tall tower from drill pipes (89mm external diameter, 8mm thickness of the wall). It still needs some anchors and reinforcing elements as you can see from some of the last videos on youtube (June 20 storm and June 25 storm) but so far it has worked very well.

Very important - the tail boom of the turbine needed to be elongated (about 50-60cm added) and the tail vane surface increased, as you can see from Slideshow 3. Until I modified the wind turbine I could not get it to stay into the wind more than 20-30 seconds (very frustrating).

Now it follows the wind very well, as you can see from last videos.

It performed very well in 84 km/h gusts of wind. Very strong build, highly recommended for its price (about 970 USD with charge controller and dump load plus shipping taxes and VAT and port taxes, all in all about 1500 USD), however be advised it needs the tail boom and tail vane to be modified.

If I can help with any advice, feel free to write.

I am trying to put together a power curve for Midnite Classic 200, if anyone has any ideas please write. So far I could see 1100 watt on Midnite. However, on the Chinese Sunway controller I could see 1890 watt and maybe more was generated during the storms but most power went into the dump load.

I am experimenting with the Midnite Classic, maybe I can use it as a backup for Sunway, or maybe I can even get the turbine to work more efficiently with Midnite than with the Chinese controller.

Thank you.

windySE YouTube channel:

Last 4 videos were taken during last big storm (June 25th)


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Re: Huaya wind turbine
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2019, 04:34:17 PM »
This post contains very useful information. Thanks for sharing such info here.


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