A Makeover for Solar Panels

Solar panels, while useful and extremely valuable in the world of renewables, are often thought to be ugly, especially when on the top of your house!

A new project in Devon has begun and artists have started to look at ways to improve them aesthetically. The hope is to use art to improve the look of the solar panels and make them more pleasing to the eye. Chloe Uden and Naomi Wright are behind the community company Art and Energy. The funding they have received has been from the EU. Many of their ideas include shapes and pictures such as flowers and sculptures.

Some people have expressed reluctance to get solar panels because of the way they look and worry their appearance could de-value their home. Whilst the positives of having solar panels generally outweighs the negatives, people involved in this project believe that improvements can be made to encourage people to install solar. One feature on one of their solar sculptures is a phone charging point!

Art and Energy are a company of artists who wish to use their skills to make a difference to the climate problem currently being tackled all over the world. They believe their work can take everyday renewable energy systems and make them creative and beautiful. They believe they can create renewable energy systems that people want in their homes, encouraging more people to make the switch and helping the environment along the way.

The company has been running since 2018 and are based in Exeter, also doing work in Plymouth and Honiton. They have many dates and exhibitions where they show the work they are doing.