E .On claim 44% of Home Owners Want Solar and Battery Storage by 2020

Research by energy company Eon suggests that over 40% of us would like to see solar panels installed along with a good battery storage system. That will come as a relief to solar energy firms who have been hit in recent years by the reduction in feed in tariffs, something that has impacted heavily on the market.

The survey carried out by Eon involved 2,000 home owners where customers were asked what sort of smart technology would make their lives better. 44% pointed to solar panels as their preferred energy solution and many of those also included battery storage in that mix.

When the company asked those who already had solar panels installed, nearly 3 quarters said that they had made savings on their energy bills and 30% noted that the installation had increased the value of their property. In actual fact, the impact on home prices was one of the key benefits that those without panels saw in having them installed.

Eon has made a fairly aggressive move into the solar market and the recent research is seen as proof that UK homeowners have a real appetite for renewable technologies such as solar. The company’s dedicated website states that customers can expect to make savings of up to £560 a year by creating their own electricity while benefiting from the current feed in tariffs. They’re also offering battery storage solutions along with 25 year warranties on solar panels.

The move into solar installations by Eon marks a change for many large utility companies who are starting to engage with solar energy on a more complete level. In Nottingham, they’ve joined with the local council and Nottingham City Homes (NCA) to provide free panels for 600 homes and this could well become a constant theme rather than the exception.

The key problem that people have with switching to solar is the initial cost. While the return on investment has been clearly demonstrated over recent years, finding the funding to set everything up in the first place is still an issue for many. Eon Solar and Storage launched this year and Head of Commercial Solutions, Gavin Stokes, said:

“We want to be at the heart of a new energy world that will be more decentralised, more interconnected, lower in carbon and offer our customers smarter, sustainable solutions that support their individual energy needs.”

The company is using approved installers in each particular location and this could mark a sea change in how all the bigger utility companies now operate in an increasingly diverse and complicated energy market. Solar installation prices from Eon are starting at £4,495 and if you want to combine that with storage technology then it rises to a minimum of £7,495.

For a typical south-west facing roof, of 30 square metres, with usage all day round, Eon gives the following quote for installation:

  • Your investment £9,850
  • Revenues per year £478
  • Savings on electricity bill £276
  • Feed in Tariff support £202
  • Electricity generation per year 3,050 kWh
  • Self-consumption (37%) 2,049 kWh
  • Export to grid 1,001 kWh
  • Consumption per year 3,100 kWh
  • Electricity sourced from own PV              2,049 kWh
  • Electricity sourced from the grid 1,051 kWh

The company is not providing its services in all areas across the UK but is expanding gradually as well as exploring wider European markets.

Find out about E.On’s solar offer here.



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