Gas and electricity price increase and the renewable energy industry.

The price for both gas and electricity is going up again. Last year the ‘big six’ energy companies outlined price rises of between 6% and 10.8%. British Gas, Npower and SSE have been the first to increase prices for their domestic customers, with dual-fuel bills to rise by up 11.1% in November, effecting nearly eight million households. This is indeed unwelcome news in the current financial climate. The cost of living is going up but wages don’t seem to be keeping pace.
Providers have said that the cost of buying energy on global markets, delivering gas and electricity to homes in addition to the government’s ‘green’ levies were all factors in the decision to put up prices.

So what action is our government taking to protect us from this exponential and frankly unaffordable escalation in prices?

The United Kingdom is turning to renewable energy more and more both on a commercial and domestic level.

“We are endowed with vast and varied renewable energy resources. We have the best wind, wave and tidal resources in Europe. “
Taken from the Ministerial forward ‘UK Renewable Energy Roadmap’

We lead the world in offshore wind, with more than 700 turbines already installed, providing enough power for two and a half million homes. We have the biggest wind projects in Europe under construction to help us meet our carbon footprint targets and to bring the costs of powering our homes down. New green levies, The Green deal, VAT cuts, green initiative investment and the government’s financial mechanism the RHI (renewable heat incentive) all support the widespread deployment of renewable energy technologies. Feed-in tariffs although previously cut by the government are now being locked in for periods of up to 20 years. The government is rewarding those that move towards renewable energy both on a commercial and domestic level.

What can renewable energy do for you in the wake of these and future price increases?

Co-generation and ‘green’ technologies such as solar panel systems, biomass boilers and heat pump systems are now more acquirable. Becoming gradually more and more enticing to consumers looking to save money and cut costs. New, more efficient technologies are being released to help lower our dependency on fossil fuels and cut our carbon emissions. A huge and vastly competitive market for a variety of renewable energy technology has opened up.
The renewable energy industry already employs over 250,000 people, by 2020 this figure could double as new more efficient technology in fields such as m-CHP fuel cell boilers become available. This is being driven forward by enthusiastic backers and developers, looking to sell their cost cutting, low emission products to the masses. Renewable energy is now available to all of us. It can save you money and help the environment in the process.
So, to summarize, the price of fossil fuel is rising, affecting nearly every household in the country at a time when typically we can’t afford it. Targeted practical actions are being taken in the green technology sector and it’s becoming more efficient and affordable. An investment in renewable energy has never made so much sense.

The Big Six raising prices again.
The Big Six raising prices again.

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