Government backed Fuel Cell Micro-CHP project in Japan

Efforts to bring the economic and environmental benefits of cutting-edge microCHP technologies to the domestic markets of the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and Germany are reaching new heights. The development and production of this co-generation technology that produces heat for space and hot water as well as producing electricity for use in the home has been highly anticipated by global markets.

Japan is leading the implementation race with Toshiba, JX Energy and Panasonic, the key players in Japan’s fuel cell program, all focusing on small scale (1kW systems) domestic microCHP boiler production and development. Japan considers small scale domestic mCHP Fuel Cell systems to be one of the 21 key technologies for the future.

In 2000, the Japanese government launched the Ene-Farm deployment program for domestic fuel cell microCHP. After four years of technology verification they developed a large-scale demonstration project installing nearly 3000 microCHP fuel cell systems. This program and its microCHP unit have been described as “the most successful residential micro-CHP fuel cell to date.” In 2009 this evolved into a full scale commercialisation program. Since then the unit has seen an exponential growth in sales with more than 20,000 units being installed in three years, with projected sales of 50,000 units a year by 2015.

For an easy to use breakdown of all you might need to know about microCHP, such as UK boiler prices and efficiencies, availablity and application, visit our mCHP pages HERE

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