How Will 5G Change the Renewables Industry?

The new 5G network is rolling out to consumers and businesses across the globe. 5G has immense power and connectivity, with the fastest speeds of any network thus far in the world. With this connectivity, improving communities and businesses by meeting their demands more efficiently is now a top priority.

The renewable energy industry, specifically, has vast potential when working with 5G. From new speeds to opening up job opportunities, this network will bring about great change for workers and consumers alike.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, too, people need better ways to connect. Having 5G is now a necessity for industries to operate in the safest, most efficient ways possible.


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Integrating 5G

The renewable energy industry is modern. Though clean energy has been in development for many years, the industry itself is relatively new. Working with the latest technology is part of its mission to become more productive and sustainable. One aspect of technology that works well with renewables is the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT operates through sensors and software, using the internet to transmit data from various parts of the renewable operation. Workers can track photovoltaic (PV) panel performance or wind turbine maintenance through these sensors. It helps them see how much energy the system is converting and storing, and how efficiently it converts it into electricity. Data is key through it all.

Since renewables use tech that connects to the internet, connectivity becomes a major point of focus. Integrating 5G as the network over which these sensors transmit data will result in faster connectivity, making the transfer much more instantaneous than with previous internet speeds.

5G is quicker than any of its predecessors. Experts predict that it has the potential to reach speeds of 100 Mbps or higher. For comparison, 4G LTE usually reaches 40 Mbps as its maximum speed.

With 5G, renewable energy production and monitoring will become faster as well. Workers can collect and send information instantly. They can act quickly if they need to make adjustments or improvements. Then, the renewable energy sector can focus on connecting to urban, mid-sized and rural areas, bringing clean energy and fast connectivity everywhere.

Changing the Game

In a place like the United Kingdom, where COVID-19 has hit hard, new technology is essential for coming back stronger than ever. Since 5G can help manage energy more effectively for U.K. organizations, integrating it with renewables is a must.

On top of this need, the U.K.’s unemployment rate rose sharply to 4.5% in August 2020. New jobs are now a must-have as well.

Combining 5G with renewables can help stimulate the economy by creating more jobs. More cell towers and a bigger, stronger network means more people must monitor and maintain it. Pairing that with a growing renewable energy industry will open up jobs of all kinds, from programming to installation to marketing.

Furthermore, using 5G to connect with even the most rural locations will ensure clean, renewable energy is available for everyone. Then, amidst the public health crisis of the pandemic, more people can have cleaner air surrounding them instead of pollution from fossil fuels. Using 5G is now a matter of public health.

To reach these rural areas, workers will need to integrate smart microgrids that use the internet to transmit data. 5G is again necessary for this step to keep track of the changes and adjust as consumer usage patterns shift. For instance, during power outages, workers can use the data from the grids to track who still has power and who doesn’t — all thanks to the connectivity of 5G.

A Clean Partnership

5G has the power to connect us and transfer our information faster. Pairing it with renewables creates a healthier country and can increase employment levels at the same time. These areas are just the beginning, though. 5G has a lot of room to grow, which makes this combination one that will revolutionize the U.K. and the world.



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