Devon’s Thorne Farm increases EWT’s foothold in the UK.

EWT has installed a direct drive 0.5MW turbine at the Thorne Farm site in Devon recently.

This has seen the Dutch company gain traction in the market, with its 500kW, 61m tip DW52 turbine, now its 50th to be installed in the UK.

The DirectWind 52/54-500kW was developed in response to market demand for sites with low to moderate wind speed. This direct drive technology enables sites that would otherwise have been lost at the initial stages. This is due primarily to the low cut-in speed of 2.5m/s.

Porterledge Renewable Limited (Project developer) has been quoted as saying;

“We originally earmarked the site for a 330kW turbine with 33-metre rotor diameter and a tip height of 53 metres, availability of the 330kW machine came to an end prior to planning permission so we looked for the machine closest in tip height while still in the 500kW turbine class. The EWT DW52 500kW with its tip height of 61m made for an easy route through planning with the bonus of a 60% increase in yield over the 330kW turbine.”




Biomass News – Drastic drafting error affects all new Biomass RHI appliactions.

Today the new RHI regulations came into force, unfortunately for those who plan to install a biomass boiler, a serious error in the drafting of the new regulations means that all biomass installations up to 500kWth will be prevented from receiving the RHI payment. This is down to errors with elements in the regulations that are aimed at emissions and their certification.

All is not lost though as DECC have drafted proposals to rectify the issue with Parliament, when they next sit (sometime in December).

So what does this mean for my Biomass install?

Well if you have ‘fully made’ your application and have been provided with a tariff start date, it seems that this most probably will be honoured by Ofgem*. However, if you are considering installing biomass or are part way through an installation, Ofgem are still taking applications but the chance is they will be delayed until the issue has been rectified. It is therefore best to check directly with Ofgem to see whether/if you should enter details about air quality on the application.


Renewable Heat Incentive - RHI

Renewable Heat Incentive – RHI