Recycling with Renewable Energy

A new and exciting solar project has been planned for a recycling plant in Wiltshire. Barnfield solar farm is planned to supply power to the entire recycling centre.

This is a private development which is set to become more popular now government incentives are slowly being removed. Public Power Solutions and Swindon Council have worked together to make this project happen and the council have agreed along-term deal with the power company to get money back for power they produce.This kind of deal is set to be more popular, with this type of project being away to go ahead without needing government subsidies.

 This particular solar farm means Swindon Council are expected to save over £185,000 and will generate £200,000 a year income.Environmentally, this project is a great use of space, being placed on an old landfill site and producing power for the recycling plant, depot and household waste recycling centre.

Maureen Penny said: “the scheme ticked multiple boxes. Reducing its carbon footprint is “a top priority” as is cutting energy costs “at a time when we have to deliver large savings from our budget”.”

The 2.5mw project is expected to take around 6-8 weeks to complete and is one of the last solar farms to benefit from government funding. Swindon has a goal to reach of installing 200mw of renewables before 2020, a goal they are on track to meet with the help of this project.