Tesla Solar System | Costs & Money Return Expectations

New products on the market with fancy marketing pitches are sure to make the consumers talking alright, but what is even more intriguing is that which is kept in the dark. There is nothing better than a little bit of mystery to get the people talking. Maybe this was not the intention of Elon Musk, but, by not revealing the pricing details of the new Tesla Solar Tiles, he made the potential buyers even more curious.

Finally, Musk has dropped the details concerning the cost of the Tesla Solar system, and on their website, you can calculate what such a sophisticated solar system will cost on your roof.

Solar panels for a roof do not come cheap. Therefore, a buyer of such products feels more secure when purchasing one with a good warranty. The Tesla solar system comes with a remarkable lifetime warranty which is assuring that their product is durable and will not have you reach for your pocket due to any maintenance problems that might occur.

A Tesla tile is three times stronger and weights three times less than a standard roofing tile. Thus, the durability of this roofing product, which accounts for the roofing material itself, as well as the solar elements, will outlive your home.

The estimated cost of a Tesla solar roof will include materials, installation and even the removal of the old roof. Keep in mind that this, however, does not include taxes, the fees for a permit or any additional construction costs that might be needed.

As calculated by consumers’ reports, for the average American home to have a cost-effective solar roof, each square foot of coverage should not cost more than $24.50. Musk revealed that the Tesla solar roofs cost 21.80 per square meter. Ordinary metal roofs, for example, can cost between $13,00 and $21.00 per square meter. By considering all this, there is no doubt that the Tesla tiles will become very competitive.

When installing a solar roof, you would need some place to store the solar energy to take full advantage of the system. Tesla offers a Powerwall battery where the energy can be stored, and therefore solar power can be used during the night or even at times when the grid is off. Such a Powerwall battery from Tesla will cost you $7000. The Powerwall battery from Tesla is optional but highly recommended by the company of course.

Tesla also offers tiles that are not solar, that will fill in the gaps of the areas that do not require solar tiles. These non-solar tiles look the same as the solar tiles which give the roof all over an identical look. The number solar tiles needed will depend on your home’s electricity consumption. Other factors that will influence the number of solar tiles required is the amount of sun exposure your home receives during the day and how much sunlight the neighborhood receives during the year.

When using the tool to calculate what a Tesla solar roof will cost your home, the roof size, the local price of electricity and the amount of sunlight your area is exposed to during the year are all included. In many cases, the total in electricity saved will be higher than the cost of the solar roof itself.

The Tesla solar roof is most likely to have a return in cost after 30 years. Yes, this might be a long time to wait, and many homeowners do not stay that long in a home. But in a case where you are installing a new roof or replacing an old roof, it is better to consider such a solar system which will turn your home into a utility.

As a matter of fact, by investing in any solar roof, your home value will increase and when it is time to put your home on the market you can return some of that investment. By investing a Tesla solar roof, you will be sure to have a lifetime warranty which can increase the resale value even more. When one chooses the installation of a conventional roof for half the price, for example, you run the risk of roof repairs from time to time as their durability might not be that great. Investment in a Tesla solar roof will save you energy, increase your resale value based on aesthetics and solar power and is an excellent eco-friendly choice.

Other solar systems might be 30 percent cheaper than the Tesla roof due to the spacing of the panels. The Tesla roof panels need to be spaced farther apart which leads to an energy generating loss. This means that your roof will need to be covered with more solar cells which adds to the price. Traditional solar systems do not offer the classy look of the Tesla roof, however, none of them has a lifetime warranty, which overrules the 30 percent premium.

Tesla solar roofs are still not available outside the USA, but it is expected that the shipment of the product will come at a reasonable price. The durable tempered glass of which the products are made, allows delivery to be easier than conventional tiles. As said before, these tiles are lighter as well, and the fact that they are so durable will eliminate the concern of breakage.

The installation will occur on orders that are made on a first come, first serve basis as the installation process spreads from state to state in the USA. When placing an order, you will need to give a $1000 deposit to reserve your system.

With such a beautiful looking solar roof, there is no longer the excuse of solar panels being ugly. Society is becoming more eco-friendly every day, and solar roofs are becoming more affordable. That being said, we are looking at a great future where conventional energy resources will become less needed.

It has already been announced that a more aesthetically appealing Tesla solar roof will be released in 2018. This proves that the current Tesla solar roof is just the beginning of something great and hopefully will be an inspiration to many others in the industry.