What are the main political parties policies on renewable energy – Election 2017?

The following is a short summary of what the 4 main political parties in the UK have said about renewable energy, linked to their respective manifesto pages.

Conservatives:  Maintain the position as a global off-shore wind farm leader and building wind farms on Britain’s Islands.

A commitment:

  • To meeting the global commitments on climate change.


Labour: A promise to meet the climate change targets already set out, by taking energy back into public ownership and investing in renewables.

A commitment:

  • To creating more tidal lagoons.


Lib Dems: To more than double the green electricity usage percentage to 60% by 2030.

Government will give support for industries that manufacture electric and low emission vehicles.

A commitment to:

  • Meeting the climate change targets set out in the Paris agreement.
  • Supporting complimentary industries to renewables such as battery storage, hydrogen usage and smart grid technology.
  • Creating more ‘green homes’ and making 0-carbon homes around the UK.


SNP: To meet 42% reduction in greenhouse gasses by 2020.

A commitment:

  • To continue to support energy efficiency in Scotland.