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RDF pellet mill help you saving energy

Started by [email protected], March 26, 2021, 03:21:07 AM

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[email protected]

Refuse Derived Fuel is called RDF for short. RDF is selected from MSW which is short for Municipal Solid Waste.
Pelletization is the value added process to Utilize the Refuse.

SPM800 RDF Pellet Mill is suitable to make RDF pellets with the diameters of 22mm, 24mm and 28mm, customers can use different diameters ring die to produce suitable pellets according to the actual requirements. The requirements will be based on the general analysis of RDF material contents, combustion furnace, transportation and storage, etc. Qualified RDF Pellets will improve the efficiency of fuel handling system, and improve the heat for power generation.

SPM800 RDF Pellet Mill is equipped with high quality die and rollers. It is developed with reliable technology to process RDF into solid pellets.
For more information, pls contact us [email protected]

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