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Started by Wychwar, March 31, 2021, 05:13:07 PM

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I have an assembly of four 12volt 10 watt solar panels these are wired two pairs in series and these two pairs connected in parallel. Giving 24 volts and I assume 40 Watts. These charge the batteries 2 x 12v 7 A/H to power a gate opener. Works O.K. Tested today in bright sunlight and got readings on multimeter of 42.1 volts open circuit and 0.36 amps open circuit. This later result I would think is low. 2 amps is more the figure I would expect. Comments please.


maybe you need more capacious batteries? It helped my friend because the dedicated ones turned out to be too small


Small batteries have small capacity, So try to increase the number or the size of the battery to increase capacity.

Thankyou ,


I also think that you should think about increasing not the number but the capacity of your solar panels. Although, you may also want to read information about setting up solar panels on other specialized sites. For example, when I was interested in the possibility of installing a solar panel in my house, by the way, I'm from Florida. Then I visited the site where all the information about taxes, permits and the procedure for installing panels is described. It helped me. Maybe this advice will help you too


I think that near future all solar panels will become cheaper and more useful for domestic use. The main thing is not to pollute our planet with them.