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Can Renewables Make You Laugh? 🤔

Started by corrina_alexis, May 16, 2021, 02:35:06 PM

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Hi Renewable Energy Hub,

Remember that feeling when someone asked you to explain what renewable energy is about? 🤨
---- You're not alone :)

We've created a video to help make solar 🌟 and wind 💨  energy more fun & accessible to a wider audience! 🕺

It got +26k views on YouTube and been promoted by renewables media & platforms such as Renewable Energy World, WindEurope, Solar Plaza, Greentech Media, The Energy Gang, and many more. 😎

You can search on YouTube "Renewable Pexapark" - unfortunately we cannot add any external links to the forum.

Do you have colleagues in need of a good laugh? Feel free to share it with them as well. 🙂
Hope you enjoy,


Found a Renewable Energy Freestyle Rap on YouTube - not sure if this is what you recommended?