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Do you need to be in a volcanic/tectonic region to harness geothermal energy?

Started by St Rhenium, November 27, 2015, 11:44:39 AM

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St Rhenium

Being a volcano nut, geothermal has always been a renewable energy source that's interested me. Would it be possible to harness this [i]at all[/i] in the UK, or does an area have to be volcanic/tectonic for to even be possible? Surely if we go deep enough there is still magma below us, so perhaps it would just be more expensive?


It doesn't have to be, it just makes it a lot easier and cheaper.

I believe even households have made use of this before, so it's definately possible, you just have to dig a little deeper (literally).


No, because everywhere the deep ground is warmer than the surafe. Although in some areas it will be less efficient that it is in places like Iceland.


It is possible, yes. The question is, is it economically viable? The answer is largely no unfortunately, there are just more efficient systems than this in the UK's case.