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I have never heard of this

Started by simon ferris, August 26, 2014, 11:18:04 AM

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simon ferris

What is MicroCHP? I have never heard of it, I wouldn't know what it was.  I'm guessing it is obviously some kind of renewable energy source

Can you explain it to me in simple terms?  Is it something individuals can do?


Micro Combined Heat and Power (or MicroCHP for short) devices are a fairly new edition to the microgeneration market for small scale devices. These, in essence, are designed to directly replace your standard oil or combi-boilers in your home or business. They provide all the heat and hot water and also provide the added benefit of generating a small amount of electricity at the same time. Although not strictly a renewable energy they pose significant environmental benefits compared to standard boilers and grid generated electricity. Although not mainstream yet i'm sure they will become so in the coming years, especially when the fuel cell varieties come onto the market and are in full scale production. Baxi has a version available (the EcoGen) at the moment but I highly recommend it is avoided due to the lack of ROI on it.
More info can be found here: [url=][/url]

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I too had never heard of this, and I've been interested in renewables for almost 10 years now. I suppose that is because it is a relatively new phenomenen, but something that I'd be interested inmyself. In addition to environmental benefits it also reduces grid dependancy.


I had never heard of it existing, but I often wondered why there couldn't be a combined in home power generator, with excess heat used for hot water in the home.


I'm considering  a CHP at the moment its a Flow Boiler suggest visiting website and can be self funded, suitability to larger homes believe is limited to 22KW boiler with potential up to 2000KW electrical output but more expensive than a normal boiler hence the initial marketing scheme to generate sales.