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Wind Turbines / Re: Cheap 12v Turbine
September 27, 2019, 04:04:11 PM

I'm not 100% sure about this, but I've read that some smaller turbines will protect themselves from overloading by tilting away from the wind when they reach max speed.  It might just be that aspect?  Check the technical spec manual to see if it includes max speed information.  Good luck!

[quote author=Rabbit link=topic=9374.msg10124#msg10124 date=1551116336]
I'm currently in the process of having a quote and expected generation being drawn up for a 6kw pole mounted turbine, I know that I will need planning and having spoken to my future neighbours I have already agreed on an area where they are open to the possibility of one. The installers has confirmed that the distance away is possible but expensive on the needed cable (400 metres).

When it comes to wind it is all new to me and i'm hoping someone on here can give advice on what things I should look for in the turbine as they are all new to me, what things apart from planning do I need to consider, how load are they (that was the other concern), do they work in strong winds or do they shut down, warranties, makes to avoid/go for, anything else? I currently have solar in my current house, but I would like to have power when I really needed it at night and in winter, so wind appeals for my new house. Is battery storage worth adding? Things like that.

The price is not exactly cheap and whilst I haven't had the price yet, the installers has given me the general prices, so I would rather put in some extra now than regret it later.

Hi Rabbit,

How did it all go for you on your Project?  Did you go ahead?  I'm considering similar so would appreciate any experience you could share.