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Good afternoon, I hope this post might be of interest to anyone who is thinking of installing a biomass boiler.

The electrical contractor that I work for (AC Gold) used to install biomass boilers, but are focusing back on electrical installations. Therefore we are clearing our old stock of biomass log and pellet boilers, pellet burners buffer tanks etc at a 25% reduction in price.

The boilers we have are all excellent quality and fully MCS accredited so will qualify for RHI payments. Most of the stock we have is made by Swedish manufacturer Varmebaronen who make very robust and easy to use boilers with excellent efficiency (but with fewer bells and whistles than boilers of a similar quality). We also have some Italian made Palazzetti biomass pellet stoves.

Most of the stock we have is new, but we also have a few ex-demo models too. You can view all the discount biomass stock we have available.