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Since installing loft insulation, I have noticed a subtle change, but one that is most definitely there. Every bill that we receive now is a little bit smaller, and because of the fact that we got this insulation done completely for free, it is a great thing. I think it is due to the fact that, although we do still put the heating on in the evening, the new insulation makes it so that it doesn't need to be on as high, or for as long. So we are definitely getting some benefit from it! It would be great to see how some other people feel about it, too.
Wind Turbines / Wind turbines: a blot on the horizon?
September 30, 2014, 09:51:44 AM
When wind turbines first started being introduced in the UK, there was a lot of talk about how they changed the look of the environment, and how they were unsightly. Now, I feel as though it is simply something that people have got used to, and will continue to be used to.

I certainly don't think they're attractive to look at, but there is some kind of "awesome" aura about them, they're almost "other worldly" if that makes sense at all.

If you're from a town or city, chances are seeing these things wouldn't bother you as you're not used to huge, rolling fields anyway, but what if you're from the countryside? Do you find that having these turbines near you can make a difference to the way that you feel about where you live?
We have always collected rainwater here, and have used it on the garden for as long as I can remember. We also give some to our neighbours, who have animals (we live in the country) although I have never understood why they wouldn't keep their own! The amount of money that we save from re-using this water is brilliant, as we hardly ever have to use the outdoor tap anymore.