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Do these water tanks ever need cleaning out?

Started by Zarostulus, November 24, 2015, 08:09:45 PM

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This seems like a really great idea, but I hate the thought of having to ever clean out a big water tank. Would I ever need to do this? For example, if I have a filter dripping water into a clean tank for drinking water, will I ever need to worry about cleaning this tank out to remove limescale or anything? What draws me to this idea is the thought of it being renewable, cheap and requiring little work once it's set up, so I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

St Rhenium

It depends on a lot of things - climate, quality of the tank & sealant, rain/air quality etc. In the right circumstances, you can go years without touching the tank. Obviously if you live in a high-pollution area you'll get small amount of pollution leaking through the filter into the tank, and over time this can accumulate into something that may need the occasional clean out.


It is recommented to clean water tanks twice a year because of sediments , all sorts of chemicals and dirt the water may contain. Not all filters work well. From time to time you can check the innerside of the water tank and then decided whether it needs cleaning or not


Did you ever find out about this? I know when I worked for a company with large water tanks, they needed to be cleaned once or twice a year.