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Grid draining battery

Started by Oscar, October 02, 2022, 06:16:12 PM

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We have had issues with panels now for the last 5 yewars with an ongoing dspute with Project Solar

Currently the issue is that during the night the grid is drawing all the power from our battery leaving us drawing from the grid once its empty

We signed up to an energy share scheme but it was sold to us that in the event of a power surge (half time in the world cup final tean making) that they had permission to use your supply.
We were told we would get £50 a month for being part of this scheme, that never materialised.
I begrudge the grid taking power and selling it to others at a profit when they pay us a pittance for loading to the grid.

Is there any way that the system can be changed so that it is self sufficient and only uses minimal energy to run it

I would want the panels to generate electricity to power the home and also store any exces in the battery that is only available for us to use at night, once the battery is empty then and only then should it draw from thye grid.

Any help or advice much appreciated