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Do you have any wind turbines near you?

Started by LucidEnergy, November 25, 2015, 06:53:12 PM

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In Oxfordshire, there are very few wind turbines, and I see them very rarely. I think the nearest is probably the large on on the industrial estate in Reading.

Do you have any wind turbines close to where you live?

St Rhenium

There are a few pretty big wind farms near me, including a very generously sized one on a hill just outside of Penistone (South Yorkshire). If I remember correctly there are perhaps 7 or 8 very large turbines on this hill, and they're always spinning, so they must be pretty efficient.


We have loads around here, the moors are littered with them (in a good way, IMO). We also have some quite large turbines just outside our village.


There are a few  big wind farms near my home. there is so many Wind turbines.