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Micro wind turbine Tree

Started by psriramoju, February 11, 2020, 04:05:46 PM

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Hi All,
I am Praveen, just join this forum newly. to introduce about my self I am searching for designing Micro wind turbine (like very small wind turbine like leaf model and form a tree) like.. where it can run on very low wind speeds like <4 m/s (meter per second) .
Any help full suggestions on this. similar to like AeroLeaf.



You can read this article
and also you follow this site to know more about micro wind turbine
I am sharing these sites because it helps me a lot to know about how it works & is it efficient .


Thank you Aefrichard.
Could you please let me know on blade designs for VAWT, where I am looking for very detailed level making for blades like small leafs attaching to branch model and putting in tree like structure.
Looking for blade design/parts and checking with computational Fluid dynamic analysis for aerial optimum design. any articles on this would help me out.