Renewable Heat Premium Payment

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The Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) is a Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) initiative which aims to support those thinking of installing a renewable energy technology on their property. The RHPP is designed to provide support for homeowners until the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (phase two) comes into effect in 2014.

The RHPP is a one-off payment (in voucher form) toward the cost of installing a renewable heat source. The current phase (phase 2) of the RHPP runs until March 2014.

Grants: value

Available is as follows:

  • For air source (air to water only) heat pumps, you will receive a voucher of £1300
  • Ground source heat pumps systems are eligible for a payment of £2300

Grants: requirements

In order to be eligible for RHPPs for heat pumps, your property must satisfy the following criteria:

  • it must be owned by you, or if you are a tenant you must purchase the heat pump system yourself
  • it must have 250mm loft insulation and, where feasible, cavity wall insulation
  • if the property is a new build, then you must retain ownership of the property either as the occupier or as the Private Landlord. Please note applications from installers, builder/developers or householders in relation to “off-plan” developments, are not eligible for support under this scheme.  Similarly, installations where the renewable heating system was installed prior to the first occupation of the property are also ineligible for the scheme
  • its heating system must not currently be mains gas-powered (i.e. you must currently use oil, solid fuel, liquid gas or electricity)
  • You must not have received any payment under RHPP phase 1.
  • The heat pump itself must be installed by a Microgeneration Certification Scheme-accredited installer

NB. The Premium Payment is not available for air-to-air heat pumps.

If you have any further questions, please email these to [email protected]

For clarification on any matters relating to this scheme please click here.

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