Will installing a solar thermal collector affect my property price?

There is still little conclusive evidence to suggest that the presence of a solar thermal system impacts positively or negatively on a property’s value. However, the ability to produce hot water in a cheap and environmentally friendly manner and receive money for doing so (through the RHI) is bound to be attractive to potential buyers. The limited aesthetic impact of solar thermal collectors is also a positive factor. The value placed on the solar water heating system by the perspective buyer is likely to rise in the future as people become more educated as to the benefits of this technology. For business premises, the presence of renewable energy technology is likely to be appreciated by customers.

It should be noted, that many solar thermal collectors have some degree of portability and can be moved to a new property if you’re moving house or if the new owner doesn’t want them.

The study below about the effect of solar PV systems on property price may be of interest to some who are looking for further info on this topic.

Ben Hoen et al, An Analysis of the Effects of Residential Photovoltaic Energy Systems on Home Sales Prices in California, Ernesto Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, April 2011.

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