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Are you currently considering switching your home to renewable energy sources? If so then you might now have yet considered heating your home with a biomass boiler which not only will save you money in the long run on your current heating bills but of course will also mean you are making a positive contribution to reducing energy produced from fossil fuels. Here we take a look at how biomass boilers work and the sort of things to look out for when you are getting your biomass boiler quotes.

Biomass boilers simply work by burning biomass fuels. These typically come in the form of wood pellets, wood chips or logs. The particular type of fuel that your boiler uses will have an impact on the price of the boiler.

Generally the price of wood pellets has remained stable for some years and is generally favourable when compared to the price of gas, electricity or oil. The pellets themselves can be delivered in bulk and this will often also make you a saving. The costs of wood chip tends to be higher than pellets and transportation costs are higher because wood chip is less dense than pellets and therefore takes up more room. As a consequence when you are looking for your biomass boiler quotes you need to consider whether you have the necessary space to store the fuel. Finally logs tend to be stable in price and are perhaps the most environmentally friendly if the logs are both dry and split.

Biomass boilers come in two generic forms – those that are automatically fed and those that are manually fed. The type of boiler that you choose will have an impact on the price of the boiler so this is an important consideration when looking for biomass boiler quotes.

In terms of the pricing of boilers, an automatically fed pellet-burning boiler will cost between £10,000 – £19,000 which should include delivery, installation and fuel. Manually fed boilers are somewhat cheaper and prices start from around £5,000 although you do need to take into consideration that you will have feed to boiler yourself.

Whilst these prices might seem high don’t forget the government has its Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which provides a subsidy for those thinking about using renewable energy forms in their homes. However before applying for the Renewable Heat Incentive you must first make sure that your home has been assessed under the Green Deal Assessment scheme in order ensure that it meets all the necessary requirements for the subsidy.

The length of time it will take before you are able to recoup your initial investment varies on the type of boiler you have had installed as well as the cost of the type of energy source that it is replacing. However, after a couple of years you notice that you are making a significant financial saving on the bills that you are currently paying.

It is very important that when you are sourcing your biomass boiler quotes to get a wide range of quotations from a number of suppliers and installers as prices can often vary dramatically.


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