What Does Our Renewable Energy Shop MCS Sign Off Package Offer?

If you are a building developer, contractor or architect looking to install a heat pump in a new build our standard MCS heat pump package can provide you with everything you need to ensure your installation runs smoothly and complies with manufacture & industry standards.

This unique package includes a bespoke system design, supply & commissioning of the equipment and certification for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Together with Eco Green Partners, we aim to provide a comprehensive equipment and support package so that all you or your contractor have to do is install the supplied equipment and supply all additional materials to complete the installation to MIS3005 standards and BS EN 12831.

Drawing on our specialist expertise and many years of experience we are able to select equipment based on key factors such as value for money, life cycle costs, performance, reliability, and warranty.

We can offer bespoke services to meet your requirements ranging from a simple heat loss calculation to a turnkey installation package.

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How Does It Work?

Whether you are a building developer, contractor, or architect, trying to decide which renewable technology is suitable for a project can be daunting. We are able to provide impartial expert advice, with onsite technical surveys to determine the practical and economic viability of domestic and commercial energy projects.

Here are the different steps of the package through to completion:

Contact our technical team – Discuss your project with free expert advice on suitable energy solutions.

Site survey & design – Technical site survey with an MIS 3005 compliant design & quotation for your heat pump package.

Delivery of equipment– Place your order and we deliver the heat pump equipment & accessories directly to site.

Your contractor– Your contractor installs the supplied heat pump equipment using our technical manuals and schematics.

Commissioning– We commission the system, with end user handover & certification for MCS and Building Control.

RHI Application– Apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive with quarterly payments over 7 years


What is included in the package?

Site survey & feasibility study

Supply of heat pump, accessories, DHW cylinder & buffer tank (if required)

Heat loss calculations in accordance with MIS3005 (MCS standard for heat pumps)

Performance estimate and cost analysis

Indemnified design & specification

Ground array design (GSHP only)

Emitter design (radiators, under floor heating) – Upon request

DNO notification (Retrofit ONLY)

Electrical & mechanical schematics

Manufacturer installation manuals

EGP installation & best practice guides

Site commissioning by an EGP engineer

MCS Compliance certificate

MCS Certificate

HIES Workmanship warranty

Building Control notification certificate

MCS end-user handover pack

Technical support (design & installation)


What is not included in the package?

Installation of the quoted heat pump equipment

Water supply and discharge licenses

Additional anti vibration mounts for plant equipment

Pipe, fittings, clips, or insulation

Electrical switches, cables, or containment


Benefits of Our MCS Sign-Off Package.

You have access to the best market prices available for your heat pump.

We deliver high quality kit. Here are some of the advantages of the AroTHERM plus heat pump we offer.

It has been designed to deliver the very best performance with low running costs making it suitable for radiators as well as underfloor heating. With a flow temperature of up to 75 degrees centigrade the aroTHERM plus can deliver more usable hot water with high hot water comfort levels and removes the need for direct electric immersion to sterilise the water, protecting from legionella.

We offer renewable solutions with high energy efficiency. With a SCOP of up to 4.88, the aroTHERM plus is extremely efficient, enabling high energy savings against certain fossil fuels. The AroTHERM plus can also be combined with photovoltaic systems and integrated into smart power grids (SG ready) so the homeowner can enjoy the benefits of variable electricity tariffs.

With sound power as low as 54 dB (A) for easier planning and siting, the aroTHERM plus is suitable for use in densely built-up terraced housing estates as it is super quiet.

Already fulfilling the next NZEB requirements, the aroTHERM plus uses monobloc technology with a hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit using the natural refrigerant, R290 to deliver one of the lowest GWP of 3.

You can install the renewable energy system yourself or use your existing contractor.

You can save time and money by taking responsibility for the installation.

There is no need for additional contractors on site.

The package allows for a flexible build programme so you can install at your leisure.

We MCS certify the installation within the price.

We provide you with a single point of contact for supply, advice, and certification. We can make what seems complicated simple for you.

You can rely on us to ensure your installation runs smoothly and complies with manufacture & industry standards giving you peace of mind.

Signing up to our package to ensure your installation is done properly can increase the value of your property.

Microgeneration (MCS)

The performance of Microgeneration energy systems is impossible to predict with certainty due to the variability of the climate and its subsequent effect on both supply and demand. Estimates and sizing guidance provided within this proposal are based upon the best available information but are given and provided as guidance only and should not be considered as a guarantee of performance or suitability.

Specific site, location, heat loss calculations and surveys should be carried out to confirm the suitability and capacity of any equipment to be used. Taking into account the method of transfer and distribution in addition to the actual required energy demand.

Please note that planning and building permissions may be necessary and obtained prior to the commencement of any works.

The indicative figures used to illustrate any possible reduction in fuel and operating costs and / or reductions in CO2 emissions within this proposal may not be representative of any actual achievable reductions in emissions of CO2 and cost savings due to the variations in the efficiency and performance of equipment and components.

Any potential savings with respect to cost or carbon emissions must be calculated specifically for each project. Eco Green Partners Ltd, are not able to and will not take any responsibility for the accuracy of any information and guidance provided within this proposal.

The proposed system will be certified for the application of the Domestic RHI for ground & air source heat pumps.

Once the MCS certificate has been issued, you have 12 months to make your application to Ofgem. Applications after this period will not be accepted.

An EPC is required (max 24 months old) to validate your RHIapplication. The energy rating (AF) will not affect your eligibility.


Building Eligibility criteria:

  • 300mm loft insulation, where possible. Flat and vaulted roofs are exempt.
    • Cavity walls must be filled. Exemptions must be certified by a structural engineer.
    • Planning permission granted (listed building, conservation area) or PDR.


Always The Right Choice

Reliability, world leading performance, all combined with the most comprehensive warranty on the market. Peace of mind guaranteed and it’s so quiet you won’t even know it’s on.

Important Information

Information provided within this document is for guidance purposes only.

Manufactures installation manuals & data sheets should be used in conjunction with this document.

If the installation is to be registered with MCS for the application of the RHI or any other grant, the system must be compliant with MIS3005 standards.

For technical advice please call; 0333 7729385


Warranty Conditions

If the heat pump system is to be registered under the MCS scheme for the purposes of claiming the Domestic RHI, a 2-year workmanship warranty must be provided by your contractor. The warranty is to cover against installation defects (leaks, air, control issues, electrical faults, noisy pipes, etc).


RECC Assurance Scheme – Consumer Code

As a member of the RECC assurance scheme you can have complete confidence that we adhere to strict guidelines and operate in an ethical manner. The full code is available on request or alternatively at www.recc.org.uk