Benefits of Heat Recovery Systems

Whilst the energy efficiency of any building can be improved with better insulation and installing things like double glazing, there is even more that business and homes can do to ensure they are making the most of the warmth in their immediate environment. The benefits of heat recovery systems that recycle the energy in stale air and transfer it to the new, fresh air coming in are numerous:

  • The main appeal of Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (HRVS) is the supply of warm, fresh air in a constant flow. When you open a window to let some air in, especially in winter, you’re losing a large amount of heat that will need to be replaced.
  • Because you are creating a self-contained environment with a superior ventilation system, you air will be cleaner and better for you.
  • The constant supply of warm air through the heat recovery system means you can reduce your energy costs because the environment is kept fairly constant.
  • The benefits of heat recovery stretch beyond just simple energy savings with a reduction in things like humidity and condensation that can cause health problems and affect walls and structures over time.
  • The improved air quality means that your house isn’t filled with irritants like pollen and pollution as the ventilation is filtered throughout the building.
  • For those who are concerned about their carbon emissions, heat recovery systems also lower the levels of carbon dioxide.

The final, and perhaps one of the most important, benefits of heat recovery systems is the reduction in energy bills, because the warm air is being reconstituted, it takes the workload off your boiler or any other heating system.

Benefits of Heat Recovery for Commercial Premises

Business can get even greater benefits from a heat recovery system than households, simply because they tend to produce and use more energy.

  • Large scale boilers that are used to warm up business premises can be fitted with flue economisers that can be used to improve heating efficiency.
  • With heat recovery ventilation systems you can supply a much cleaner and more constant air environment for employees at any time in the year, keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter with smart technology.
  • Installing something like a flue economiser onto a large boiler can increase its lifetime because it is not subject to sudden high temperatures that cause excessive wear and tear.
  • Commercial premises can benefit from greater reductions in heating costs because you are using boilers and ventilation systems more efficiently.
  • Of course, if you own a business with a good heat recovery system you will also be significantly reducing the levels of carbon dioxide emitted whilst also increasing your boiler efficiency.
  • For businesses there is also the credibility that comes with working in a greener environment.


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The Benefits for Industry

There are a wide range of technologies now available that recover lost heat in large factories and industrial plants. The amount of energy that we lose through emissions in this area of society can be greatly reduced by the use of heat recovery systems, from distilleries to food manufacturing plants, the technology is now available to trap that heat and reuse it.

The Future Benefits of Heat Recovery Systems

Whilst we are getting used to technologies that increase our efficiency or extract energy from renewable sources to power our homes and business, there is also the need to push the green envelope. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Stockholm where they have taken heat ventilations systems to the next level. Here they are extracting the heat produced by passing commuters on the city’s underground and using it to provide warmth for nearby offices. The innovation has lowered the energy consumption of a nearby office block by 25%.

Are There Any Cons of Heat Recovery Systems?

New buildings generally have the insulation and other green measures that mean they are more suitable for something like a heat recovery system. More and more office buildings are being built that incorporate a range of green technologies including HRVSs.

Older buildings, because they have many little draughts and ageing structures, will often lose heat despite all your best efforts. Installing a heat recovery system is expensive. Not only do you have to install the operating system but also the system of pipes that need to connect with each room.

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