Manufacturers of Insulation

Insulation Manufacturers

There is a wide variety of insulation on the market nowadays from glass and rock mineral wool for lofts and flooring, to new and innovative solutions for exterior and interior walls and cavities. Nowadays, insulation manufacturers can be contacted direct online or you can visit hardware stores to buy from them.

Different types of insulation

Insulation can be made from a whole range of materials that can make a big difference to the efficiency of heating in your home or business. Most of us are familiar with the blanket rolls that we can put up in the loft to cover the floor, but there is also loose fill and sheet insulation that may well be more appropriate. Then there are solutions such as cavity wall insulation and cladding for exterior walls.

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Roof and Loft Insulation Manufacturers

Ecotherm Insulation manufactures insulation boards and are one of the UKs largest insulation companies for flat and pitched roofs as well as walls and floors.

Excel Fibre Technology have been manufacturing roof and loft insulation for the last 30 years and boast that their WARMCEL product is installed in over a million homes.

Knauf Insulation provides a wide range of loft and wall insulation services and is one of the leading global companies in the market. Their site provides a number of case studies that include domestic and commercial premises.

Rockwool Ltd provide a number of sustainable insulation products mostly relating to stone wool technology. They operate in Europe, North America and Asia and have been working to keep homes warm for over 100 years.

Superglass Ltd are an independent UK company specialising in thermal and acoustic glass wool insulation and work with a wide range of construction businesses across the country.

Internal Wall Insulation Manufacturers

Ecotherm Insulation provide an internal, insulated plaster board that can be easily fitted for internal walls.

Extratherm Ltd produce a wide range of foam insulation solutions for internal walls and are committed to developing zero carbon products.

Marmox Ltd are part of CMB International and a leading manufacturer of insulation materials including Multiboard, Soundboard and Thermoblock technology.

External Wall Insulation Manufacturers

Alumasc Façade Systems have over 25 years’ experience producing external wall insulation which are all BBA certified.

Dryvit have developed an external wall system called Outsulation that they state has been used for over half a million buildings so far, including commercial and domestic.

Permarock design, manufacture and supply a wide range of external insulation products for the construction industry and have been doing so for the last 30 years.

Structherm have been manufacturing and supplying insulation innovations for the last 30 years and operate a team of Approved Installation Contractors (AICs).

Weber Saint-Gobain provide innovative solutions for external wall insulation that are BBA approved and EST recommended.

Insulation Manufacturer Certification

When dealing with any manufacturer directly for your insulation needs, whether you are an installer or undertaking the work yourself, it pays to check that the product has the right certification. The main ones to look out for are the British Board of Agrément which offers approval, certification and test services for manufacturers who serve the construction industry and National Insulation Association (NIA) membership, an organisation represents the insulation industry including manufacturers and installers.

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