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Free Solar Panels for Businesses

We at The Renewable Enrgy Hub now offer commercial solar energy grants, if your business qualifies we can supply and fit solar panels for your business for FREE.

Our systems are great for your CSR, your bottom line and visibly helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

After installation, your business will benefit from a highly subsidised rate per unit of electricity you use.

There are NO hidden costs or monthly charges, no distribution charges and the system will increase asset value of the property as a result.


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Solar Panels for Business Grants

Our systems are offered totally cost free to your business. thats right, Free business solar panels!

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch. Installation is free and your supply is guaranteed for 20 Years. After 20 Years we will give you ownership of the installation so the benefits go on and on.

We will undertake a billing evaluation and guarantee you 20 years of reduced electricity rates.

Free Solar Panels for Business

Do you qualify?

Its a very simple process. There are a few conditions which your company will have to be meet.

1. You should be able to provide 12 months of electricity bills

2. You must be legally able to rent your roof surface

3. If pitched your roof should preferably be facing south, be flat or have a shallow pitch.

4. Your roof must be structurally sound and not be made of asbestos

5. Your company must be established and stable – a credit score will be made

6. Finally, your building must be connected to a district network operator (the national grid).

Pre-Qualification Requirements

  • We will negotiate Distribution Network Operator (DNO) agreements as necessary
  • We will arrange a structural survey of your roof
  • We will seek appropriate planning permission
  • We will undertake an EPC survey
  • You will be required to sign a lease.

If you would like to know more or discuss this further please contact us here:  CONTACT US

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