Can I install my own solar Thermal System?

Solar Thermal DIY

It is possible to install one’s own solar thermal system, and one can buy kits which contain all the necessary components which cost between £1,500 and £2,500 – significantly less than it would cost to hire an accredited installation company. It is also possible to take courses which will teach you how to install solar thermal technology.

It should be noted however, that domestic and non-domestic solar thermal systems not installed by Microgeneration Certification Scheme-accredited installers will not be eligible for either the Renewable Heat Premium Payment or the Renewable Heat Incentive payments, which for many people will be a significant source of income.

The extra initial cost of engaging a specialist solar thermal installation company or plumber will comfortably be offset by Renewable Heat Incentive payments over the years.

It is also worth hiring an approved installer because poorly installed systems can be affected by serious problems, such as dangerously high pressure rates and leaking heat transfer fluid tubes (anti-freeze is a toxic liquid). Inadequately insulated tubes can also massively affect the total system efficiency.

MCS-accredited installers will also use MCS-approved products, which have met stringent quality and safety standards. Before installation, a good installer may also carry out a survey and inform you of the overall feasibility of the project.

Solar Thermal Home Kit

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