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Whilst most people probably think of solar power in terms of rooftop panels that generate electricity many people are not aware that domestic solar power can take another form – that of solar thermals. Solar thermals are used exclusively for heating water and represent not only an environmentally friendly solution to domestic energy needs but also can make you significant savings on your electricity costs.

If you are now looking for solar thermal quotes to see if solar power represents an attractive option to meet your energy needs then read on.

Solar thermal systems/heaters are employed to collect the sun’s rays and convert them into heat which can be stored to heat the water for your home, or even heat the house itself.

If are looking for solar thermal quotes then you need to decide which form of system is best for you. Solar thermal systems come in three types – low, medium and high temperature collectors. Low temperature collectors usually take the form of flat plates and can be used to heat things like swimming pools. Medium temperature collectors function in the same way as low temperature collectors but produce more heat which can be used to heat the water in your home or even the air. Finally high temperature collectors are the most powerful and are typically used to heat industrial setting or to generate electric power production.

Solar thermal systems work as a series of panels that are fitted to rooftops. These solar panels, which come as either flat tubes or evacuated panels, then collect the sun’s rays and convert them into heat, sometimes reaching as high as ninety degrees Celsius. This then heats the water which is transferred through pipes to meet the property’s hot water needs. Indeed such a system can be extremely efficient and it is common for it to meet up to three quarters of the hot water needs of a family of four in an average sized property.

When you are looking for solar thermal quotes then you will need to be aware that the cost of the system will very much depend on the quality of the components that are used as well as the cost of planning to have the system installed. Whilst the initial outlay might seem expensive don’t forget that within a few years you will be reaping significant rewards by saving large sums on your annual electricity bills. Furthermore the cost of maintenance of solar thermal systems is extremely low, with the typical system only needing to be serviced approximately once every five years.

On top of this not only you can also be guaranteed of a limitless supply of energy as the sun will always shine, but you will also be making a positive environmental statement too.

You should be looking to pay around £4,000 – £5,000 to have such a system installed in your house for a family of five or six people. However you should also factor into this figure the cost planning which is not included in this estimate


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